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  • I will try your ANDROID Gaming Apps

    Hello, I am Sam from Austin, Texas. I like trying new games once in a while and I would love to try yours in exchange for $10.  I'll tell you what I think about your app in a very honest w...

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  • Frenstreet's Blog

    Revisiting the Jennifer Aniston Emirates Commercial

    Just like me, you probably stumbled upon this Jennifer Aniston commercial last November when you went to the theater, promoting the most prestigious commercial airline in the world, Emirates. Just like me, you must have thought that the commercial was offensive. Making fun of average planes and people is not that enticing. But you must have missed the whole point... Good advertising ...

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    The 3 reasons that are way enough to NEVER buy followers.

    People are funny. But when they get behind a computer or phone, chasing the Holy Grail of digital "fame", they take stupidity to a completely different level. Therefore opening themselves to potentially hurtul mistakes for their image or their brand. When trying to make a name for yourself, buying followers, likes, hearts or whatever is NOT the way to go. Here are 3 reasons that are way enough for you to never do it. Ever. You're buying robots' clicks. Or bullsh* ...

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