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  • Foody pinner? get pinned by an account with thousands of followers

    Guys, I will pin your picture or even comment it for very low price! My account is built around food and fancy pics of desserts and stuff. If you have a restaurant, you're golden with me!!!!!! kis...

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    The 3 reasons that are way enough to NEVER buy followers.

    People are funny. But when they get behind a computer or phone, chasing the Holy Grail of digital "fame", they take stupidity to a completely different level. Therefore opening themselves to potentially hurtul mistakes for their image or their brand. When trying to make a name for yourself, buying followers, likes, hearts or whatever is NOT the way to go. Here are 3 reasons that are way enough for you to never do it. Ever. You're buying robots' clicks. Or bullsh* ...

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    5 Reasons why you shouldn't use Google Adwords (Forbes)

    In his Forbes Magazine article, John Rampton explains us the major drawbacks of the famous Advertising platform Adwords. Let's come back on an article that dares pointing what most keep silent.   You pay per click. A click is not a guarantee of anything. So of course, it’s your job and not Google’s to optimize your landing page to convert people into subscribers or customers. But still. Your cost per click (CPC) has to stay in a certain range so th ...

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