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  • Foody pinner? get pinned by an account with thousands of followers

    Guys, I will pin your picture or even comment it for very low price! My account is built around food and fancy pics of desserts and stuff. If you have a restaurant, you're golden with me!!!!!! kis...

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  • Frenstreet's Blog

    How often do you question the Pay-Per-Click Dictatorship? We, Frenstreet, are not the only ones to say that there is a problem with the advertising market, offline and especially online. The number of sources displaying that kind of point of view is big, but it's not as visible as all the satellite blogs of those big guys, flooding the internet with pro-PPC, pro-Adwords, pro-Sponsored posts content. If Forbes does it, there must be somethi ...

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    frenstreet, the game changer

    What is Advertising to you? If you think of it as an edge in marketing and communication, a must for businesses whatever the size, you are right. But if you said "something utterly expensive and inaccessible for most", you're also right... Up until the 1990s, the right to broadcast content was granted by a handful of Gatekeepers such as TV channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Whether you were paying for them to talk about you or not, Gatekeepers were ...

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