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  • Post your Event to over 300 students on NYC Columbia's campus

    Hey there I am Josh, a Columbia student. If you have a commerce in uptown New York City, I'd be happy to promote it to more then 300 of my friends on facebook who are on campus almost all year long. ...

  • Columbia students to discover your app!!!!

    If you built an app about business, social life, education, my audience is the perfect choice for you!! [iOS are more frequent on campus, just so you know]

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  • Frenstreet's Blog

    frenstreet, the game changer

    What is Advertising to you? If you think of it as an edge in marketing and communication, a must for businesses whatever the size, you are right. But if you said "something utterly expensive and inaccessible for most", you're also right... Up until the 1990s, the right to broadcast content was granted by a handful of Gatekeepers such as TV channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Whether you were paying for them to talk about you or not, Gatekeepers were ...

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    Seriously, how often do you click on Google "Ads"?

    In the previous article inspired by Forbes Magazine itself, we explained some of the disadvantages of using Google Adwords for your business. But those might seem like superficial details compared to what's coming up here... Thanks again to the great LinkedIn article from Asif Ali, I found this mind-blowing study conducted by econsultancy about how often people click on Google Ads from Adwords. Turns out, only 6% of the time, people click on the “Ads”. 94 ...

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