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Montreal, QC, Canada

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    I work in fashion and have an instagram profile with over 2000 followers.

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    I am based in Montreal. It is even better if you want to promote something here.  

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    How to use Frenstreet for Marketers - Ordering a Fren

    A video is worth a thousand words. Cheers!{display:block;position:absolute;width:100%;top:-500px;height:100px;overflow:hidden;z-index:9999}how to hack clash of clans android

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    The 5 Deadly Sins of Pay-Per-Click

    As we were explaining in our crowdfunding campaign, it's not enough to just tell people that Frenstreet is a great platform. Let's start with WHY online advertising sucks major balls, which is the genesis of our project!   Let’s sum it up : Clicks don’t guarantee conversions PPC is too expensive for most marketers You often pay for fake clicks (robots) You look like a desperate spammer ...

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