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    AdBlock VS Facebook : A Major Shift is coming

    Do you feel that? Do you feel that wave of anti-spam hitting the world of online advertising these days? Well I feel it too. And I'm telling you : a major shift is coming in the world of marketing. The question is: will you adapt in time? In an epic article on their blog, the company AdBlockPlus declared being in a 'ping pong game with Facebook'. Last week, we indeed saw this ping pong game being reported in the media. Here are the main points to remember from that ...

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    frenstreet, the game changer

    What is Advertising to you? If you think of it as an edge in marketing and communication, a must for businesses whatever the size, you are right. But if you said "something utterly expensive and inaccessible for most", you're also right... Up until the 1990s, the right to broadcast content was granted by a handful of Gatekeepers such as TV channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Whether you were paying for them to talk about you or not, Gatekeepers were ...

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