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  • Automatic posting of your posts and hashtags with different profiles

    Hello,  me and my brother are programmers and want to propose you a deal: we will post anything you want from more than 50 different instagram accounts, including your name tag and hashtags of y...

  • Flooding Instagram with posts about your phone APP for 8$

    This is not the place to get downloads. I am a coder, I create loops for you to get visibility. In short, we will flood IG with your app/any content. Contact before posting....

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  • Frenstreet's Blog

    This Woman Spends Her Own Money To Counter Trump. What Are YOU Doing?

    Bashing Donald Trump is now officially a business! Are you in? On Frenstreet, where people get paid by marketers to post their content, a woman named Marjorie distinguishes herself in the #TrumpDollar phenomenon : she spent dozens of her own dollars to pay people to broadcast anti-Trump content. also made a video : Now, let's quote the article originally posted on BlogSelect ...

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    Seriously, how often do you click on Google "Ads"?

    In the previous article inspired by Forbes Magazine itself, we explained some of the disadvantages of using Google Adwords for your business. But those might seem like superficial details compared to what's coming up here... Thanks again to the great LinkedIn article from Asif Ali, I found this mind-blowing study conducted by econsultancy about how often people click on Google Ads from Adwords. Turns out, only 6% of the time, people click on the “Ads”. 94 ...

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