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  • I will flood facebook with your hashtag

    Hi, I'm a facebook expert, and I will publish 10 posts a day with your hashtag on facebook.

  • 5$ for 10 facebook comments from 5 different profiles

    Hi, I'm a facebook expert, and I will publish 10 comments on a facebook post of your choice with 5 different profiles.

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  • Frenstreet's Blog

    How often do you question the Pay-Per-Click Dictatorship? We, Frenstreet, are not the only ones to say that there is a problem with the advertising market, offline and especially online. The number of sources displaying that kind of point of view is big, but it's not as visible as all the satellite blogs of those big guys, flooding the internet with pro-PPC, pro-Adwords, pro-Sponsored posts content. If Forbes does it, there must be somethi ...

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    This Woman Spends Her Own Money To Counter Trump. What Are YOU Doing?

    Bashing Donald Trump is now officially a business! Are you in? On Frenstreet, where people get paid by marketers to post their content, a woman named Marjorie distinguishes herself in the #TrumpDollar phenomenon : she spent dozens of her own dollars to pay people to broadcast anti-Trump content. also made a video : Now, let's quote the article originally posted on BlogSelect ...

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