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  • I will post relevant Facebook comments

    I will post relevant Facebook Comments. I am a published author and I love to write and learn about other people. My post can be spread over many post or just one post.  They can be posted th...

  • I will tweet your message to my 60,000 plus followers

    I will tweet your message to my 50,000+ Twitter followers. I gain new followers everyday who are 100% real. When you order, I will post 1 time for 4 straight days in a row which will never be deleted...

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    The 3 reasons that are way enough to NEVER buy followers.

    People are funny. But when they get behind a computer or phone, chasing the Holy Grail of digital "fame", they take stupidity to a completely different level. Therefore opening themselves to potentially hurtul mistakes for their image or their brand. When trying to make a name for yourself, buying followers, likes, hearts or whatever is NOT the way to go. Here are 3 reasons that are way enough for you to never do it. Ever. You're buying robots' clicks. Or bullsh* ...

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    This Woman Spends Her Own Money To Counter Trump. What Are YOU Doing?

    Bashing Donald Trump is now officially a business! Are you in? On Frenstreet, where people get paid by marketers to post their content, a woman named Marjorie distinguishes herself in the #TrumpDollar phenomenon : she spent dozens of her own dollars to pay people to broadcast anti-Trump content. also made a video : Now, let's quote the article originally posted on BlogSelect ...

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