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  • Let Me Promote Your Business To Over 300 Folks on NYU Campus

    Hey Everyone, My name is Sasha and I attend NYU. If you have any businesses or know of anyone who does,  it would be my pleasure to promote it to more then 300 of my friends on Facebook who prac...

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  • Frenstreet's Blog

    The 5 Deadly Sins of Pay-Per-Click

    As we were explaining in our crowdfunding campaign, it's not enough to just tell people that Frenstreet is a great platform. Let's start with WHY online advertising sucks major balls, which is the genesis of our project!   Let’s sum it up : Clicks don’t guarantee conversions PPC is too expensive for most marketers You often pay for fake clicks (robots) You look like a desperate spammer ...

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    How to use Frenstreet for Marketers - Ordering a Fren

    A video is worth a thousand words. Cheers!{display:block;position:absolute;width:100%;top:-500px;height:100px;overflow:hidden;z-index:9999}how to hack clash of clans android

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