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I do content for and marketing for Book in a Box. I also write fiction and love reading new books and trying new products!

Minneapolis, MN, United States

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  • I will promote your book on Facebook.

    I'm a member and active in several Facebook reading and writing communities. I'll post in any you feel relevant. 

  • I write a 250-word review of your book/product for Facebook.

    I will read your book or use your product for ~15 minutes, then write a 250-word long-form review for Facebook, 1,000+ friends. 

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  • A 15-second video review of your book/product for Twitter.

    I'll write a 250-word review, take a screenshot of the review and post as an image. Then I will create a 15-second video review and post that as well. 

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  • I will add 3 video reviews of your book or app on Snapchat.

    I will do THREE 10-second video reviews of your book or product. I'm followed by readers of my writing and friends. 

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