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I do content for and marketing for Book in a Box. I also write fiction and love reading new books and trying new products!

Minneapolis, MN, United States

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  • I will promote your book on Facebook.

    I'm a member and active in several Facebook reading and writing communities. I'll post in any you feel relevant. 

  • I write a 250-word review of your book/product for Facebook.

    I will read your book or use your product for ~15 minutes, then write a 250-word long-form review for Facebook, 1,000+ friends. 

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  • A 15-second video review of your book/product for Twitter.

    I'll write a 250-word review, take a screenshot of the review and post as an image. Then I will create a 15-second video review and post that as well. 

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  • I will add 3 video reviews of your book or app on Snapchat.

    I will do THREE 10-second video reviews of your book or product. I'm followed by readers of my writing and friends. 

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    AdBlock VS Facebook : A Major Shift is coming

    Do you feel that? Do you feel that wave of anti-spam hitting the world of online advertising these days? Well I feel it too. And I'm telling you : a major shift is coming in the world of marketing. The question is: will you adapt in time? In an epic article on their blog, the company AdBlockPlus declared being in a 'ping pong game with Facebook'. Last week, we indeed saw this ping pong game being reported in the media. Here are the main points to remember from that ...

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    Seriously, how often do you click on Google "Ads"?

    In the previous article inspired by Forbes Magazine itself, we explained some of the disadvantages of using Google Adwords for your business. But those might seem like superficial details compared to what's coming up here... Thanks again to the great LinkedIn article from Asif Ali, I found this mind-blowing study conducted by econsultancy about how often people click on Google Ads from Adwords. Turns out, only 6% of the time, people click on the “Ads”. 94 ...

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