Lycéenne au lycée Chaptal

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  • Je poste votre annonce à mes amis facebook du lycée chaptal

    J'ai plus de 100 amis au lycée Chaptal. Pas de trucs bizar merci davance

  • I will reblog your tumblr post

    I have over 50 followers. It's not much but interesting for one buck!

  • French high school student GROUP to try your app and promote to the whole class!

    Hello there! I am in a high school in Paris, France. Me and my friends would love to try your app and promote it. You will not regret it. Contact for more info. We don't do weird stuff. Thanks i...

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    How to use Frenstreet for Marketers - Ordering a Fren

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    How often do you question the Pay-Per-Click Dictatorship? We, Frenstreet, are not the only ones to say that there is a problem with the advertising market, offline and especially online. The number of sources displaying that kind of point of view is big, but it's not as visible as all the satellite blogs of those big guys, flooding the internet with pro-PPC, pro-Adwords, pro-Sponsored posts content. If Forbes does it, there must be somethi ...

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