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I am Max, a Human Resources director at a headhunting company based in the SF bay. I'm offering you my services relating to posting online, mostly on Linkedin, in order to be pitching companies of any sort in the area.

Promoting your Application to VCs and other business areas in SF, CA.

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I am a business executive in the area of SF.

If you check out my other frens, you will see that my influencer in San Francisco can get your business a long way. Apps are no exception.

Send me an order, and I'll see if I like your app enough to promote it.

Thank you for your business.

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  • TheSquadGameApp · 2 years ago  reply

    Why do you cancel my orders?

    • maximus · 2 years ago

      Your app is not good enough. My fren is not just to make money. I'm doing business here, networking.

    • TheSquadGameApp · 2 years ago

      That's so much cr*p

    • maximus · 2 years ago


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