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Post your Event to over 300 students on NYC Columbia's campus

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Hey there

I am Josh, a Columbia student. If you have a commerce in uptown New York City, I'd be happy to promote it to more then 300 of my friends on facebook who are on campus almost all year long.

Check out my marketing gig if you want to guest post :


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  • hudsonterrace · 2 years ago · purchased ·

    Thank you for promoting Hudson Terrace!

    • marketingblogger · 2 years ago

      You are welcome. Come again anytime. Students love to party!

  • maximus · 3 years ago · purchased ·

    Nice. Hope this will attract more Columbia students in the great companies based in San Francisco that I represent.

  • maximus · 3 years ago · purchased  reply

    Are people in your class also looking for opportunities in SF? I'm in HR and your fren looks really good to me in order to find new blood!

    • marketingblogger · 3 years ago

      Hi Maximus. My fellow students have no preference as long as they'll be interested in the job. Some of them are graduating this year, if you wanna know!

    • maximus · 3 years ago

      I do. It's interesting.

  • mashable · 3 years ago · purchased ·

    good deal

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