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I will try your ANDROID Gaming Apps

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Hello, I am Sam from Austin, Texas.

I like trying new games once in a while and I would love to try yours in exchange for $10. 

I'll tell you what I think about your app in a very honest way.

The promotion will happen with Word of Mouth and on my Facebook.

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  • TomSK · 2 years ago · purchased ·

    pas mal du tout!

  • TheSquadGameApp · 2 years ago  reply

    Why refuse order?

    • thepatriot · 2 years ago

      Not a game, dude. My fren says "GAMING apps".

  • JungleAdventure · 2 years ago · purchased ·

    Finally honest feedback! I prefer people who hurt my feelings as a developer than fucking liars. Thanks again.

    • thepatriot · 2 years ago

      It WAS full of bugs. Glad I helped. come again.

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