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Foody pinner? get pinned by an account with thousands of followers

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I will pin your picture or even comment it for very low price!

My account is built around food and fancy pics of desserts and stuff.

If you have a restaurant, you're golden with me!!!!!!


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  • TomSK · 2 years ago · purchased ·

    Great deal! thank you

  • lilamontreal · 3 years ago · purchased ·

    This gig is REAAAALY good for my business. I'm gonna keep buying it ^^

  • johnnyben · 3 years ago · purchased ·

    Good work. Hope your audience is made of real people now!

    • pinmaster · 3 years ago

      What do you mean real people?

    • johnnyben · 3 years ago

      hope they're not bots

    • pinmaster · 3 years ago

      you mean robots? no they are not. I know many of these foodies. good people. real. with skin and shit

  • lilamontreal · 3 years ago · purchased ·

    My blog is about fashion but the audience is really close to the foodies. So I bet it's gonna be great. Thanks again

    • pinmaster · 3 years ago

      you are so welcome

  • NYphoto · 3 years ago · purchased ·

    For 3 bucks, it's pretty cool!

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