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My name is André, and I am a SMM enthusiast. I know how to sell your stuff on social media or how to post it well. If you buy me a gig, I will help you optimize your phrasing and presentation so that you get the most clicks out of your advertising campaigns or simply out of your own followers.

Driving you traffic for your app whatever it is!

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We are an web agency based in San Francisco.

Our team will try your app and give you feedback on top of sharing it on many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others.

Don't hesitate to browse our other gigs.

Note : We prefer iOS apps.

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  • YooN · 2 years ago · purchased ·

    Well the job was done but I got way less downloads than your price should get me.

    • socialmediamagnet · 2 years ago

      We told you : we prefer iOS because we know our users. You insisted. Hope you the best.

    • YooN · 2 years ago

      That's not good enough excuse.

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